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January 24, 2020 2 min read

Where do you start when you first encounter the Degeler brand? Best at the beginning. In 1994 Frank Degeler developed and designed the first collections for renowned brands in the field of bags, leather goods and luggage. He advised not only classic luggage and bag brands, but also corporations, e.g. from the automotive and aviation industries. Developments for these brands often followed the same pattern: in the beginning, the focus was on material quality, workmanship and design. However, towards the end of these developments, the quality of the products in particular was cut back in order to achieve lower prices and higher sales figures. 

It is logical that if the demands are implemented uncompromisingly, the whole thing also has its price. This often meant that quality had to be compromised in order to keep the costs of the final products under control. After several years of experience Frank founded the brand DEGELER in 1998 to develop and design bags, leather goods and luggage according to his standards without compromising the quality of workmanship and materials! Always supported by his wife Sylvia and after graduation also by his eldest son Tim Degeler.


 (Father and son are united by the ideal of getting the best out of ideas. )

(One of the first small leather goods collections from the year 2003)

 (One of the first small leather goods collections from 2003)

So much for us, the people behind DEGELER, but what exactly is a DEGELER product?

In order to make this possible, we always try to break new ground. We start where others stop and go to extremes. From materials such as Keprotec® - the Kevlar fibre reinforced material is extremely durable and lightweight - to six weeks of dug tanned saddle leather treated exclusively with natural oak juice. But the unique 100% titanium coat hanger for the SkyHanger® is probably the best example of how we always try to create something special out of something ordinary. Our aim has never been to sell as many pieces of luggage as possible, but as unique as possible. 

We are driven by the dream of the perfect piece of luggage. Also in the future we will act according to this motto, because we love what we do. We will always try to get the best out of ideas. This creates our personal touch in terms of design, materials and craftsmanship, which particularly touches people.