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Titanium Hanger

Timeless, precious and uncompromising.

Unique in the world !

Very light and sturdy travel hanger made of 100% Titanium

"Made in Germany"

Reliable clamping device for trousers which prevents the trousers from slipping off the bar

Two pins for loops to hang up trousers or skirt

Rotatable hook

  • Dimensions in inch:

    The Carrier: 17,72" x 1,97"* x 9,06"; 200 g; *wide shoulder pad

    The Allrounder: 17,72" x 0,59"* x 9,06"; 200 g; *narrow shoulder pad

    The Lightweight: 17,72" x 0,39" x 9,06" , 100 g; without bridge

    2-year warranty*

    * Terms apply: