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SkyHanger® Extra long

The elegant and versatile garment bag for long gowns, wedding dresses or Thawb.

Designed in Germany.

Forbes: "The smartest garment bag that I’ve seen is made by DEGELER, a much-lauded family-owned company in Germany. The genius is not only in the rugged material used to construct it but the clever use of pockets. I never thought I’d refer to a garment bag as chic, but in fact, it is that and more, thanks to some classic German engineering."

  • Main compartment: For three dresses with two compartments and large mesh pocket for accessories.
  • Two zip pockets for iPad and the DEGELER cosmetic bag. Large back zip pocket for 15" laptop and A4 documents.
  • Titanium hanger is not included.
  • Dimensions in inches

    Folded: 20,5" x 21,3" x 1"

    Unfolded: 42" x 21,3" x 1"

    Weight: 1500g

    Free shipping and returns. 

    Delivered by FedEx within three business days.

    2-year warranty*

    * Terms apply: