Titanium hanger

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Filigree, valuable and uncompromising.
The coat hanger is an in-house development (like all DEGELER bags). We emphasize it because we had to enter "foreign territory". We couldn't find a lightweight hanger that simply prevents suit pants from slipping off the dock!
After more than a year of development, we had the solution: A filigree coat hanger (made of 100% titanium! ) with wide clamps, which reliably fix the trousers.
The wide titanium clamps are welded to the web using a special process. They don't break off. If you lose some tension, simply bend the clamp down a bit (past the bridge). Then the tension is restored.
A slight tension is sufficient.
  • Made in Germany
  • Very light and stable clothes hanger made of 100% titanium
  • Reliable clamping device for trousers(s) which prevents the trousers from slipping off the bridge
  • Rotatable hook for flexible hanging (e.g. in the car)
  • Two pins for loops for hanging trousers or skirt

Dimensions in cm:

The Carrier: 45 x 5* x 23 ; 100 grams ; *wide shoulder pad

The Allrounder: 45 x 1.5* x 23 ; 100 grams; *narrow shoulder pad

The Lightweight: 45 x 1 x 23 ; 50 g ; ohne Steg

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