SkyHanger® Luminous. The original.

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Made in Germany with a special coating for uniquely bright colors and structure.Limited special edition.

We're proud to be involved in the return of the suit pocket. In 2014 and 2015 we developed the SkyHanger®.Targets: As light as possible, functional for business trips and a timeless design.

For as long as suits have existed, they have been hung on a hanger (to remove wrinkles and creases).The SkyHanger® preserves this principle.We quickly realized that we also had to develop a new clothes hanger, since the suit pants must not slip off!After more than a year of research and development, we had the solution: a filigree coat hanger (made of 100% titanium) with wide clamps that reliably hold the trousers(s) in place.The classic SkyHanger® comes with a DT1 titanium hanger as a set.

For longer journeys, we recommend unfolding the SkyHanger® and hanging it on the hanger.So the suit hangs almost like in the closet.

Pockets for business utensils have been moved to the interior to achieve a clear design language.

Executives and (international) celebrities from business, politics and the media are now using the SkyHanger®.

  • Forbes: "The best suit pocket I have ever seen comes from DEGELER - a highly acclaimed family business in Germany.What makes it special is not only the robust material from which it is made, but also the clever use of its pockets...I never would have Thought I would call a garment bag chic, but in fact it is that and more, thanks to classic German inventiveness.
  • Central main compartment: For three suits with two slide-in compartments for accessories and a large mesh pocket for shirts.
  • Two zip compartments for iPad and the DEGELER cosmetic bag.Large zip pocket on the back for 15" laptop and A4 documents.
  • Leather back handle, hook opening and securing strap
  • IIncluding clothes hanger "The Carrier" made of 100% titanium.Made in Germany.

Color: black
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Unmistakable design

The SkyHanger® Luminous impresses with its incomparable surface. A new, innovative process is used to apply a special coating that gives the SkyHanger® Luminous its intense color and elegant structure.

Made in Germany

Every single step is 100% German handwork. Starting with the material and applying the special coating to cutting and sewing, every detail is painstakingly completed by hand in Germany.

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