We are a German family company. We combine functionality with the best materials in a timeless design. Made by hand, with great attention to the smallest detail. Where others stop, we only begin to offer you the highest quality.

What we do

We craft thoughtfully designed bags and accessories from the finest materials with features that make travel and everyday life simply effortless.

how do we do it

We start where others stop. We go to extremes with materials such as titanium.

Our clothes hanger is made from 100% titanium and is produced using a special process. A special welding process is also required to give the bracket a unique lightness and stability.

Our range of materials ranges from classic to technical. The supple surfaces of soft leather define simple, striking contours and transform everyday experiences into intense moments. For lovers of the more technical look, special and unique coatings are available in the "Luminous" collection.

Our products are characterized by quality and functionality combined in a puristic, timeless design. Maximum customer satisfaction has always been our main drive.

Why we do it

We are driven by the dream of the perfect piece of luggage. Father and son unite two generations in products with a timeless design. The use of first-class materials with uncompromising processing quality characterizes every single DEGELER product.

our blog

Packing a Suit made easy: The Solution to traveling with a Suit!

Let's not kid ourselves suits are awesome. No matter the occasion a well-fitting suit can make a monumental difference in presenting yourself to the world. Whether you are getting dressed to the nines for a wedding or an important meeting, a job interview, chances are you will have to eventually travel with your suit.

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Behind the Brand

Where do you start when you meet us, the Degeler brand, for the first time. Best at the beginning. In 1994 Frank Degeler developed and designed the first collections for well-known brands in the field of bags, leather goods and luggage...


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