Produkt Stories: Titan Kleiderbügel


The core problem with almost all hangers is that the trousers cannot be reliably fixed on the hanger. With conventional hangers, a simple shake is enough and the trousers slip off. So that the trousers are transported as wrinkle-free as possible, it is essential that the trousers stay on the hanger. A reliable holder for trousers and skirts was needed, which at the same time is as 'simple' as possible in design for quick and easy handling.

Since we wanted to have a clothes hanger that was as light and filigree as possible, we decided relatively quickly to use titanium as a material. The material is more stable and at the same time significantly lighter than steel, which is why it can be processed in a correspondingly delicate manner.

Right at the beginning, we first dealt with the pants fixation. It took many different approaches and failed attempts:

  • Covering with felt on the top of the bridge where the trousers fly open.
  • Weld on two additional pins between which a rubber band is stretched, which should put pressure on the pants.
  • Attaching two clamps with a rocker. While this construction worked well, it was very bulky and not easy to use.
  • Plastic, silicone or rubber coatings on the bridge.




The previous attempts have shown that the clamps are the most promising way. We left out the rocker and focused on the clamps. We tried numerous materials and shapes for the clamps. Ultimately, the titanium clamps looked the most appropriate for the temple. It then only took a little time until we had found the right form. The larger clamps hold the pants 100% reliably on the hanger and at the same time the handling is quick and easy




The first prototypes were not yet rotatable. So it was only possible to hang the SkyHanger® in a car to a limited extent. In addition, the hanger could not be perfectly fixed to the case. After many more attempts with special joints, ball bearings and threads, we have found a practical and simple solution for this as well. It took a few more prototypes before the welding technique was perfected and the hook could rotate freely.



The development of the coat hanger was actually finished, but as soon as the paint was applied, the hanger lost its 'titanium look'. Our goal was that the hanger also looks and feels like titanium and not like an ordinary hanger. However, the untreated titanium is pale and pale. No matter what type of paint, color or coating we chose, the result was not satisfactory in the end



after countless attempts we were not a step further. My father had an exact picture of what the hanger should look like and this came from his bike frame, which is also made of titanium. So we asked the manufactory how this top metallic look was achieved. With the reference to a special process, we have also managed to give the hanger a titanium look. A few additional adjustments were needed to create a dark grey, matte and natural titanium look.




That was just the beginning. We are always in the process of developing and designing something new. We have just finished developing two more clothes hangers. Now you can choose which one suits you best.


Written by Frank Degeler

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